Saskatchewan, Canada Flooding

People of Iowa aren’t the only ones dealing with epic flooding. Some portions of Saskatchewan, Canada have been dealing with flooding for several days now. Check out the images below. Pink areas show radar rainfall estimates of 100-200+ mm of rain along SK/MT border. #skstorm — Rob’s Obs (@robsobs) September 7, 2013 See dramatic […]

What’s An Alberta Clipper?

Alberta Clipper weather events are defined by the National Weather Service as follows: A storm system during the winter months that originates from the Canadian Province of Alberta (or close by–sometimes the system can originate from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or even Montana).  The term “clipper” originates from the clipper sailing ships because of their quick speeds.  Thus, […]

Friday Afternoon Update

Friday Afternoon?  Let’s get outta here. This Afternoon – Iso’d Snow Showers, Breezy – High 25˚ / Tonight – Flurries – Low 16˚ 3pm 25˚ ~ 6pm 24˚ ~ 9pm 23˚ ~ 12am 20˚ ~ 3am 19˚ ~ 6am 16˚ Sporadic, isolated snow showers will continue to pester the region this afternoon, as westerly winds […]

Bitter Friday In Store

It’s Friday, y’all. Today 1/17 – Scat’d Snow Showers, Breezy – High 28˚ / Fri Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 17˚ **Winter Weather Advisory for Butler and Edmonson County until 6pm** 6am 29˚ ~ 9am 25˚ ~ 12pm 26˚ ~ 3pm 26˚ ~ 6pm 23˚  ~ 9pm 22˚ I have received several reports of slick roadways across […]