Wintry Mess On The Way

Good evening, south central Kentuckians. It’s been, well, let’s be honest…a kind of terrible day in the weather world. We had a wintry mess of rain, sleet, and snow early this morning, followed by blahhhh conditions this afternoon, complete with temperatures in the 30s, thick clouds, drizzle, and a swift, north wind. This cold weather […]

One Final Day of Cold

Cold today; much warmer Thursday into Friday. Widespread rain slated for the start of the weekend… Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Cloud cover is hanging around early this morning, but the good news is, filtered sunshine should arrive by the time we get into this afternoon. A few of us may […]

More Snow On The Way?

Recapping the Winter Storm; eyes on another round of SNOW Monday?? Posted by Landon Hampton on Saturday, 13 January 2018 Most of us are waking up to a fresh snowpack, with most locations ranging between 1-4″ of total snow/ice accumulation, with a few squeezing out 5″. Some of us are still seeing flying flurries out […]

Flood Concerns On The Rise

Cloudy skies joined warm temperatures in the mid/upper 50s today, ahead of a moisture-fied (not a real word) system that’ll put flood concerns on the rise Friday into Saturday. A low pressure system is moving northeast toward the Ohio Valley, bringing a surge of moisture along with a passing warm front. An associated cold front […]

Saturday Hallelujah, Sunday Rain

The passing of the cold front Friday afternoon has opened the door to a phenomenal start to our weekend. Believe it or not, temperatures are actually on the “cool” side for early August, bottoming out in the low 50s early this morning… If you’re a fan of the outdoors…go outside today.  If you’re not, I’ll […]

Wednesday Evening Update

Well, how about that ride in!? We’ve experienced, basically, non-stop rainfall from sunrise this morning until around 5pm this afternoon.  The main area of heaviest rainfall has shifted north of the region, with drier conditions taking over. Heaviest rain pulling N of region; scattered shower/storm chances will continue thru the night. — wxornotBG® (@wxornotBG) […]

Downburst Hits Louisville

Last night, while we were dealing with our own round of severe weather, a very potent storm slammed the city of Louisville, producing a downburst that caused quite a bit of damage.  Numerous photos surfaced showcasing the aftermath of this event.  A number of power outages took place, along with numerous trees reported down…a few […]

Where’s The Heat??

We’ve made it to June 13th (today) without reaching the 90˚ threshold.  However, that all may change next week.  According to the National Weather Service, Bowling Green’s average first day to crack the 90˚ mark is May 20th.  We’re currently beating that stretch by 24 days.  I don’t know about you, but I hope that […]

Flood Safety Awareness Week

The National Weather Service is launching Flood Safety Awareness Week this week. So, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some flood safety tips for this post! First, you should know what the difference is in all the flood watches and warnings that get issued across the region. Flash Flood Warning: […]

An Explanation of Wind Chill

We’ve all been hearing the term “wind chill” lately, but what does that really mean? Our bodies naturally produce heat. However, when the conditions turn cold, our body’s heat escapes us and is absorbed by the surrounding air. The surrounding air will create a nice, thin layer of warmth on the surface of our skin. […]