Soggy start to the New Year

Happy New Years, everyone! We hope you are having a great start to 2021 and we hope you make it a great year too! We are starting off the new year rather busy with the weather. We have a complex system currently impacting most of the Eastern U.S. and we are tracking another system for […]

Cool But Wet Trend Ahead

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday! We made it to the weekend and through the first week of school with all the kiddos out there. The remnants of Laura dropped a fair amount of rain on us last night, and behind her, we will see a cool but wet trend ahead. Clouds Try to Clear […]

Solar Power Industry Surpassing Coal

  The amount of solar power jobs in America is now roughly equal to the amount of coal jobs, according to Brad Plumer of Vox. Tim McDonnell from the Climate Desk argues that the number of solar powered jobs may actually be far past the number of coal jobs because the total number of coal jobs […]