Weekend Starts Out Dry, Ends Potentially Wet

Woohoo, the work week is over! We are more than happy to say that the lovely trend of dry, comfortable conditions that we have been having will carry on into the cooler weekend ahead. However, slight shower chances will close it out.

You, this morning…(Giphy)

Frost Early This Morning

This morning, from one o’clock to eight o’clock, the entire community of WABBLES will be under a frost advisory. Be careful if you are planning on being outside at all, as temperatures will be in the low 30’s with isolated upper 20’s in deeper valleys. We advise for you to layer up if need be!

Graphic created by one of our team members, Cooper! (@wxornotBG)

Cooler Temperatures to Come

As the day progresses, things will warm up, but not by much. We will not see temperatures surpass the mid-60’s, though the lack of clouds in the sky will offer some warmth. Make sure you have a jacket handy, though!

Projected temperatures for 12-5pm today, via HRRR (Pivotal Weather)

Throughout the day, the air will be comfortable due to an insignificant amount of moisture being abundant in our area. That light, seasonal wind will be around, which could make it feel more brisk than it actually is. Moreover, temperatures will lower to the upper 40’s as night approaches.

Showers Close Out the Weekend

Tomorrow, for the most part, will have a similar forecast as that of today, with the exception of temperatures being slightly cooler. In the evening, a cold front will be passing through our area, bringing about shower chances that will carry on into Monday.

Projected surface map for Sunday at 7pm (Weather Prediction Center)

At most, we can expect for this to bring about those pesky pop-up showers that come with the season. However, these will produce trace amounts of precipitation, so they do not pose any sort of threat.

Projected precipitation totals ending Monday evening (Pivotal Weather)

That’ll do it for today! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend! For more, follow us on our other social platforms at @wxornotBG!