After Overnight Snow, Mixed Bag for the Weekend

It seemed winter for WABBLES thus far had been confined to the month of November…but Mother Nature reminded us overnight that it’s still winter and that we may not be finished yet. Even after overnight snow, it’s a mixed bag for the weekend.

A Winter Weather Advisory remains in effect for all of WABBLES through noon today as what’s left of last night’s snow moves on out of the area.

Many locations received a quick coating on grassy surfaces last night, and in some cases it came down quick. By midnight, the Bowling Green-Warren County Airport had registered 0.7″ of snowfall.

Many school systems throughout WABBLES have closed for the day

Calming Down for the Day

Luckily, the remainder of the day seems dry. At least during the day.

Well, unfortunately, it will still be cold. (Giphy)

Clouds will still be in place as we go through this afternoon, and the wind will calm down as well. Highs end up about 35º or so…but could trend lower in areas that got a bit more snow. And speaking of that…

Yes, I’m going there. (CBS/Giphy)

Another quick hitter looks to have our region’s name on it very late tonight and into early tomorrow.

I said the region…not necessarily us. (Pivotal Weather)

We’ll be below freezing tonight, around 30º, so precipitation will be snow. The question has been placement. So far, most models have kept most everything north of us…but we’ll watch today to see how the models respond. At most, though, additional accumulations look small.

Finally Clearing Saturday

Good news is that after any lingering wintry shenanigans, we just might see the sun again tomorrow afternoon.

The what? (Star Trek/Giphy)

The quick-hitter from tonight will shift off to the east and (slowly) take some of the clouds with it. This is double good news because the sunshine will drive highs above freezing, helping melt any snow still stuck around.

Ah, the refreshing…lower 40s? (Pivotal Weather)

Even with gusty west breezes, highs should end up around 42º-43º, perhaps slightly warmer if you see more sunshine. Clouds should be few and far between tonight as we calm those winds down and fall to about 25º or so.

Big Changes Sunday

Clouds start to increase again by Sunday morning, though it’s looking like we’ll spend the day dry.

Clouds on the increase Sunday morning.

No, the big change will be the winds shift back south and gusting up to 25-30 MPH ahead of our next system poised to move in. Winds from this direction will allow us to bring in warmth and moisture for our next system. High temperatures soar to near 55º as cloudy skies take over.

Well, looks like it’s our biweekly time to bask in the mild weather again. (Pivotal Weather)

It’s overnight and into Monday when rain chances really ramp up.

This animation only runs from Sunday at noon until Monday at 6:00am but you get the picture. (Pivotal Weather)

Sunday night lows don’t budge a whole lot below 50º as the rain comes down.

Another Soggy Week

Longer term model trends indicate it’s going to be another soggy week as disturbance after disturbance moves through the region bringing with them renewed rain chances each try. The good news is that highs slowly rise into the mid 50s by late week. Yay?

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates more wintry potential this weekend. Have a terrific Friday!