Sunshine Sticks With Us into the Weekend

After a gorgeous Thursday, we turn back the clock to summer quite soon, but not before another dry front works it’s way through the area. That’ll give us a comfortable Saturday as sunshine sticks with us into the weekend.

Warming Up on Friday

Wednesday’s weak cold front that gave us the comfortable weather yesterday has shifted on out and we’ll be on the warm-up once again as sunshine once again dominates the forecast.

This afternoon's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This afternoon’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

Temperatures will hover right around 90º or so again, with humidity values steadily going up into the evening hours in advance of a weak front.

When Mother Nature sees that it's September but won't stop with the hot weather. (Giphy)
When Mother Nature sees that it’s September but won’t stop with the hot weather. (Giphy)

Still won’t be a bad evening for heading out to high school football, with temperatures falling through the 70s as we head toward a low near 65º. It’s not likely, but we can’t rule out a sprinkle as the front moves through, otherwise we stay mostly clear.

Not bad at all. (Pivotal Weather)
Not bad at all. (Pivotal Weather)

Lookin’ Good for Saturday

We’ll be back in northwesterly flow for Saturday and that means comfortable temperatures and humidity levels return as we start the weekend.

#HighPressureYourFriend (WPC)
#HighPressureYourFriend (WPC)

With the front having gone through, we’ll see more seasonable temperatures with comfortable humidity values throughout the day.

When it's nice out again. (Giphy)
When it’s nice out again. (Giphy)

High temperatures look to top out around 85º once more as a comfortable afternoon is once again upon us.

*finger guns* Lookin' good. (Pivotal Weather)
*finger guns* Lookin’ good. (Pivotal Weather)

Mostly sunny skies will stay mostly clear heading into the evening and overnight hours as we head for another pleasantly cool (for early September) night, with a low falling to near 60º.

Warmup Begins Sunday

Cold front passes by, high pressure heads east as we close out the weekend by warming up while staying, you guessed it, mostly sunny.

When the sun's back out...again. (Giphy)
When the sun’s back out…again. (Giphy)

Humidity stays comfortable but we start warming up to about 88º or so for tomorrow afternoon’s high…and that’s just a sign of things to come.

This is a hint. (Giphy)
This is a hint. (Giphy)

But before we go there, we’ll fall to a low of around 65º under mostly clear skies.

Toasty Into Next Week

You're definitely going to need to do this next week if you go outside. (MLB Advanced Media)
You’re definitely going to need to do this next week if you go outside. (MLB Advanced Media)

Summer’s back as we start the new week as another dome of high pressure moves in and with it comes hot temperatures and sticky conditions.

Latest 8-14 day temperatures outlook from the WPC.
Latest 8-14 day temperatures outlook from the WPC.

Humidity levels go up as temperatures soar into the 90s, with mid 90s possible by next week as nary a rain chance pays us a visit. Mostly sunny skies continue as you look to the calendar in puzzlement thinking “wait, it’s September?”

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on your  weekend forecast. Have a terrific Friday!