The WxOrNot Tweets Of The Week

There are an endless amount of weather tweets that are sent out everyday. Whether it’s a puffy cumulus cloud or a beautiful sunset, there are a million (that might be literal) to go around. Now, some are quality, quality tweets. Others are….well, others are interesting. Either way, there are always great tweets out there. Here are the top 10 that I found from around the Twittersphere.


#10 James Spann

This was an great line of storms to look at on radar. Associated with some awesome dynamics.


#9 Taylor Trogdon  



#8 U.S. Tornadoes

One of the more beautiful low pressure systems in sometime.


#7 Landon Hampton  

We haven’t had a forecast discussion in a while. And it was rockin’.


#6 Lance Poole

SNOW. I am so happy.


#5 Siberian Times  

…..This is awesome and weird.


#4 Mark Spears

Whooooooaaaa cool clouds, man.


#3 NWS Fairbanks  

This is super cool.



Onto some good new, the nation is way below average in tornado count for the year!



And we end it with a cool show of Lake Michigan. Lighthouses make for some spectacular shots.