Snowiest Cities in America this Winter

Since the beginning of the new year, the buzz in the weather world has revolved around record snow storms, with our attention constantly on the northeast to see what all the region can endure. But how much snow is that exactly? And who has been hit the hardest? The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang wrote a recent article to answer those exact questions.

Working our way from 5th place to 1st, Syracuse, NY comes in as one of the snowiest cities in the U.S. with 74.7 inches of snow so far this winter. Syracuse has received solid snowfall since November, and has seen snow every day since January 29th.

Next up is Boston with 78.5 inches of snow. Boston seems to be the star in many of the snow headlines, but yet they’re in fourth place… This is because Boston is up 50 inches of snow than average for this time of year, and has received 65.6 inches of their record snowfall in the last 16 days. Makes sense now, huh?

Coming in at third place is Erie, PA at 85.9 inches. Erie had a big day on November 13th when 12.6 inches of snow fell. Persistent lake effect snow, however, is what has kept this city in the ranks.

The runner-up for the snowiest city in America is Buffalo with 86.4 inches of snow this winter. Buffalo became famous early on this winter when an incredible lake-effect snow set up in November. If you’re wondering about the 88 inches that fell during the lake-effect snow storm, that actually occurred in  Cowlesville, N.Y., a small town without a climate monitoring station. Capital Weather Gang took into account only cities with large populations and snow-reporting stations monitored by the National Weather Service for their rankingBuffalo, however, has seen snow all days but two since January 1st.

And drum roll please…. Coming in at number 1 for snowiest city is America is Worcester, Massachusetts with a whopping 92.1 inches of snow. The city is currently 50 inches over the normal amount of snowfall they see by this time of year. Worcester received 34.5 inches of snow with the Blizzard of 2015 and another 17.4 inches with the Groundhog Day storm. 

All this snow, and we can’t even get a few inches down here in Bowling Green?

For more on the top snowiest cities in America, check out the Capital Weather Gang’s recent article.