Enjoyable Temperatures For The Rest Of The Week

Good morning, Kentucky! We’re headed into another beautiful day with enjoyable temperatures for the rest of the week. I’ve got all the details below!

We’re off to a chilly start in the low-30s this morning. (White Squirrel Weather)

Continuation of Yesterday

Today’s conditions will be almost the same as yesterday’s. Our high temperature will top out in the low-50s with fairly calm winds. Rain will hold off until later Wednesday afternoon, so we will remain dry! Enjoy the sunshine underneath today’s partly cloudy skies, but prepare for temperatures to drop into the low-30s overnight.

You go, Mother Nature. (Giphy)

Slightly Warmer With Rain Chances

Tomorrow we will warm up into the low-60s with slightly gustier winds. Rain is on the table but it will hold off until the later afternoon/early evening hours. Thankfully, we do not have to worry about large rain accumulation like we have during the past several rain events.

Rain will move in later tomorrow and continue through the morning hours of Thursday. (COD)

The low will drop into the low-40s with the rain continuing through the overnight hours and into Thursday morning.

Still Warm But With Minimal Rain

Any showers left over from Wednesday evening should subside by Thursday morning.

Our accumulated rain totals by Thursday morning should be less than a quarter inch. (COD)

Our temperatures will reach into the upper-50s with clearing skies as we progress throughout the day. The low will drop back down to the chilly mid-30s overnight and carry us into the gorgeous weather expected on Friday.

Looking forward to the weekend like… (Giphy)

Ideal Conditions As We Head Into The Weekend

Friday and Saturday will be beautiful with sunny skies and highs near 60°F as high pressure moves back into the area. Any chance of rain will not return until Sunday.

I can deal with sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. (Giphy)

That concludes today’s post! Follow @wxornotBG on Facebook and Twitter for live updates throughout the day. Have a great week!

See ya next time! (Giphy)

A beautiful Tuesday will be followed by rain chances Wednesday.Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, March 19, 2019