One-Two Punch Winter Storm on Monday

Happy Sunday, WABBLES! It’s game time once again regarding winter weather! Winter Storm Uri, as they’re calling it, is set to make an appearance in the coming hours. Stay weather savvy and watch for a one-two punch winter storm on Monday!

One-Two Punch Winter Storm on Monday
More winter weather is back! This time with snow. (Tenor)

Quiet Valentine’s Day

Before we get to the action, today looks to be much quieter. At this point, Oklahoma and Texas are getting all the action! Back at home, we can expect a pretty quiet and cloudy day.

One-Two Punch Winter Storm on Monday
It will be nothing short of cloudy across much of the Eastern US today! (Pivotal Weather)

An arctic high sitting in the upper Midwest will keep the cold temperatures around, meaning highs look to remain steady around the freezing point at 32°F, making for a plain ole’ cold winters day. However, starting at 6PM the winter storm warning officially goes into effect.

Action Starts Sunday Night

As we head into the overnight hours, we could start to see the first round of winter weather move in. Right now, snow flurries look to first move in around the 8 o’clock hour, but more of a mix of winter precipitation is expected overnight. The surface will be below freezing for the entire night, so falling precip looks to remain frozen.

One-Two Punch Winter Storm on Monday
A look at the first round of winter precip set to come later tonight. (Pivotal Weather)

Right now, totals from this first round look to end up around 1-2″. The location of that mixed precipitation line could cause some places to get a little more or less, but expect a solid covering of snow and sleet come sunrise Monday morning.

A break in the precip comes during the mid-morning hours before the second, more intense round arrives during the afternoon on Monday. This time, the WABBLES area looks to receive all snow since highs stagger in the mid 20’s, well below freezing.

More snow is expected to arrive during the afternoon hours on Monday. (Pivotal Weather)

As for this round, totals are still hard to agree on model-wise. This round is expected to linger into the evening and overnight hours, so another 2+” of snow looks possible. As we go through the day today, those totals will start to become clearer.

That finishes today’s forecast. Thanks for reading! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotBG, as well as on Facebook, for all your weather updates. Stay weather aware, and stay tuned to our social media as we get more information!