Gusty Winds Accompany Mid-Week Disturbance

Good morning to you! Only two more days to go until the new year! In the meantime, a disturbance will not only make for the return of chances for precipitation, but also the threat for gusty winds. We go into detail below on what to prepare for today!

The rain today…(GIPHY)

What to Expect Today

Today, a low pressure system will move along the northernmost part of the Midwest, causing for the passage of a cold front. Therefore, chances for precipitation will return to the forecast. On your way home from work, you may need to use those windshield wipers!

Forecast for surface conditions for today at noon (Weather Prediction Center)

We may have showers pop-up in our area in the morning, though these will become less sporadic and more widespread into the evening. Over WABBLES, precipitation totals may range from 0.3 to about 0.6 inches, with higher values in our western counties and lower values in our eastern counties.

(Pivotal Weather)

According to the National Weather Service, gusty winds could reach 30 to 35 mph ahead of this frontal boundary. This may allow for limbs and dead trees to fall, so be careful if you are out and about either on foot or in the car.

Projected peak winds, in knots, for today at 8am (Pivotal Weather)

There will be a brief warming period beforehand, allowing for the high to reach the lower 60’s. However, this will be short-lived, as temperatures look to drop back down to the lower 40’s by tonight. Don’t worry, this won’t be the only round of above average temperatures that we will have this week!

A Look at New Years Eve

Tomorrow, chances for precipitation will carry on into the early hours of the day because of the disturbance that was previously mentioned. This will start out as continued rainfall and clear up around the noon before chances for precipitation return for the evening.

Projected precipitation type for tomorrow from 12-4am (Pivotal Weather)

Furthermore, temperatures will be cooler, only reaching the lower 50’s in the afternoon and dropping to the lower 40’s by nightfall. We look to start the new year with continued precipitation, however they won’t stick around for the entirety of the day!

That’ll do it for today, folks! We hope you have a great one! For more, follow us on our other social platforms at @wxornotBG!