Final Dry Day Before a Series of Wet Weather

Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone had a great last Monday of 2020 and that today will be the same for you. It should be, because today will be the final dry day before a series of wet weather arrives in the region.

Christmas Is Over After Christmas GIF - ChristmasIsOver AfterChristmas LouisCk GIFs
I do hope this isn’t what you do with your tree post Christmas (Pivotal Weather)

What to Expect Today

Today will be much like yesterday weather-wise around here. The high will top out in the mid 40’s making for an average day. Once again, we will stay dry but clouds will be on the increase as the next rain-making low pressure system approaches from the west.

The lows as of this evening will be in Central Kansas and Northern Texas heading for our SOKY. (wpc)

Winds will stay calm during the day but will become a bit breezier as a result of the system drawing nearer. Overnight we see no precipitation but skies will be mostly cloudy with a low in the mid 30’s.

Rain Arrives Wednesday

The streak of dry days since Christmas will end tomorrow. However, the rain won’t arrive until late afternoon so if you had any outdoor plans due to the temperature likely hovering near 60, as long as they are before about 4pm you should be fine.

Yep, you heard me correctly, the high temperature will indeed be near 60 degrees! We see this warmup from airflow in the Gulf passing it to our neck of the woods.

This map shows a plume of warm air (red/orange colors) reaching southwestern KY bringing us warmer air. (Pivotal Weather)

The rain will indeed have moved in by 4 in the afternoon. Showers will be scattered into the evening and overnight with a low temperature of 42 degrees.

Rounds on Thursday

Thursday morning and most of the afternoon, showers will be scattered similar to yesterday. However, I think we will see a break from the rain around dinner time as another low-pressure system approaching from the southeast forces the current system out of the region.

Scattered showers in the morning followed by a break in the evening. (Pivotal Weather)

Heavy, widespread rain arrives around midnight on Friday and will be moving out of the region by the time most folks wake up. Your New Years Day won’t be a complete washout with partly sunny skies revealing themselves in the afternoon.

Models are still shifting with predictions of how much rain we can expect over the next few days but as of now it looks to be around 1-2 inches.

The NAM currently shows around 1.1 inches, but just to out west is the band of 2+ inches of rain. This could shift and affect WABBLES.

That’s all for today. Be sure to follow out live weather feed on Twitter, @wxornotBG, and on Instagram and Facebook. Have a great final Tuesday of 2020.