Weekend Starts Out Dry, Then Ends With Snow Chances

Happy weekend, everyone! Yesterday, we had our fair share of fog for the entirety of the morning (as shown in the tweet below). How crazy was that?

Fortunately, this morning we won’t have to worry about fog. Our only concerns with this weekend will take place on Sunday, as showers may stick around for almost the entirety of the day with the chance for snow overnight and into the new week.

(White Squirrel Weather)

The Continuation of Calm Weather Today

Today, most of the country will be dominated by high pressure, with the exception of the troughs of abroad low pressure systems stirring up trouble in some areas, mainly along the coast. We won’t have to worry about any of these for today, so savor the calm conditions while you can!

(Weather Prediction Center)

Thanks to the abundance of sunshine and calm winds, it may feel slightly warmer than it actually is. In the afternoon, temperatures will reach the lower 50’s. These will drop to the lower 30’s overnight.

Chance for Showers, and Even Snow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, conditions will do a one-eighty, as those pesky low pressure systems that I mentioned earlier will start to intervene on the forecast. As early as noon, showers may enter the community. Right now, precipitation totals are estimated to be anywhere from 0.5-1.0″, as these showers have the potential to produce a fair amount of rainfall.

Projected composite reflectivity for tomorrow from noon to midnight (Pivotal Weather)

Moreover, we can expect for a similar high and low temperature for tomorrow. However, we may see the low reach below freezing values, therefore promoting the development of snow into Monday. This can be seen in the graphic below, as the blue colors represent snowfall.

Projected precipitation type for Monday from midnight to noon (Pivotal Weather)

We encourage for you to stay up to date on the potential for snowfall as the weekend closes out, especially if you plan on being out and about Monday morning for work or other activities. Don’t forget to layer up, too! For live updates from our team, follow our Twitter account.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading, as it’s much appreciated! We hope that you have a wonderful weekend! Follow our other social accounts for updates and other fun posts at @wxornotBG!