Summer is Back to Close September

I, for one, join you in looking at the calendar and wondering “where the heck is fall?” We should be just under 80º for this time of year…unfortunately we’ll be flirting with record highs this weekend. That’s right, summer is back to close September.

A Breezy Friday

After yesterday’s early rain showers, high pressure started to nose it’s way into the area and kept us drier for the second half of the day. Said high pressure will start to head to the east during the day today with..predictable results.

This morning's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

We’ll be on the east side of the high pressure, which means that winds will shift out of the southwest, bringing us a warmer and more humid airmass originating near the Gulf of Mexico. This will result in a hot and muggy Friday afternoon.

My official opinion of Summer. (The Righteous Gemstones/Giphy)
My official opinion of Summer. (The Righteous Gemstones/Giphy)

Afternoon highs look to crack about 93º, even with southwesterly breezes that could gust near 20 MPH. Winds should start to die down as we head toward your Friday night kickoffs and we’ll cool back through the 80s, even though we’ll stay muggy. Overnight lows finally settle to about 70º under mostly clear skies.

Scorching on Saturday

High pressure will remain in full force on Saturday as do our summer-like readings.

Summer taking off it's fall disguise. (Giphy)
Summer taking off it’s fall disguise. (Giphy)

The models have a slightly better handle on this “heat wave” versus the last one…although the NAM is still a little cool here.

Still toasty, though. (Pivotal Weather)
Still toasty, though. (Pivotal Weather)

It won’t be as gusty as today but the wind will be there as another mostly sunny afternoon gets highs up to about 92º or so. Yep, it’ll be another hot one to start the WKU game against UAB tomorrow.

Note: Not all heat attributable to dragons. (Giphy)
Note: Not all heat attributable to dragons. (Giphy)

We’ll fall through the 80s again through the evening, on our way to muggy low near 70º…again under mostly clear skies.

Sizzlin’ on Sunday

High pressure remains in complete control for Sunday, keeping us under a darn near summer-like regime.

Saturday night's forecast surface chart. (WPC)
Saturday night’s forecast surface chart. (WPC)

Southerly winds continue and that means another hot and humid…

[checks notes]

…late September afternoon.

I'm sweating just looking at this image. (NAM)
I’m sweating just looking at this image. (NAM)

Highs closer to 95º will greet us on the second to last day of the first month of Meteorological Autumn, with humidity making it feel between 97º and 100º. Mostly sunny skies will once again be seen overhead as the summer that never ends continues.

I too am sighing dramatically, especially when stepping outside. (TV Land Classic/Giphy)
I too am sighing dramatically, especially when stepping outside. (TV Land Classic/Giphy)

Overnight lows remain a muggy and stifling 70º or so as the summertime pattern rolls along.

Rolling Along and Along and Along

Hot conditions continue through the work week, with highs approaching 95º (with the attendant humidity) everyday through midweek. The closest we may see to relief is temperatures near 90º that accompany a renewed chance for an afternoon shower as we head towards Thursday afternoon.

That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest updates on that toasty, toasty. Have a terrific Friday!