Strong Storms Possible Sunday As Summer Pattern Sets In

Saturday was a scorcher by mid-May standards, with highs not far from 90º. We’ll cool those readings a bit as we finish off the weekend with strong storms possible Sunday as summer pattern sets in.

Potential for Strong Storms

This isn’t looking like a huge threat at this point, but it all depends on how the morning hours play out with regard to some weakening storms to our west.

This morning's forecast surface map. (WPC)
This morning’s forecast surface map. (WPC)

If we can get some rain and storms from this morning round to stick around a little bit, then storms won’t have as much to work with as the cold front comes through during the afternoon. If we can clear out a bit, then severe weather chances would increase.

Severe storms or not, we should see some rain today. (Pivotal Weather)
Severe storms or not, we should see some rain today. (Pivotal Weather)

As such, the Storm Prediction Center has only issued a marginal risk for us today.

This afternoon's convection outlook.
This afternoon’s convection outlook.

Damaging winds would be the main threat along with some heavy rainfall. In fact, high winds will be an issue even without storms ahead of this front. Winds could gust upwards of 40 MPH, so make sure to tie down those loose outdoor objects.

We don't need any of this. (Giphy)
We don’t need any of this. (Giphy)

Highs should remain around 80º, especially if we see showers and storms stick around through the morning hours. As the showers begin to dwindle overnight, lows should fall to around 60º.

Monday Pick of the Week

Downside of Monday is that you might have to go back to work or school. Upside is the wonderful weather we’ll be having.

When you're stuck inside and realizing that it's low-key nice outside. (Spongebob Squarepants/Giphy)
When you’re stuck inside and realizing that it’s low-key nice outside. (Spongebob Squarepants/Giphy)

We’ll be on the back side of Sunday’s cold front, meaning nicer and slightly less humid weather will be working in. Clouds will thin through the morning, leaving us with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. Highs will stay only a couple of degrees above average, topping out around 80º. Overnight lows stay near 60º.

Summer-Like Pattern Setting In

By Tuesday, high pressure will begin to shift east of the region, allowing more southerly winds to influence our weather. Leading to slightly warmer temperatures and more humidity to trickle in.

Yes, again. (Giphy)
Yes, again. (Giphy)

Tuesday shouldn’t be too bad, highs stay closer to 85º, mostly sunny skies on Tuesday may be temporarily replaced by a stray afternoon storm. Wednesday gets even warmer with afternoon highs back near 90º once again. And like Tuesday, we can’t rule out a stray afternoon storm with a passing disturbance.

Overnight lows don’t dip far below 70º.

More Hot, More Humid Late Week

The summertime pattern rolls on with more hot weather to close out next week. Mostly sunny skies take hold with highs near 92º both Thursday and Friday to finish the week. Dang.


That just about does it for me! Follow our live weather feed @wxornotbg for the latest forecast updates. Have a terrific Sunday!