A Few More Toasty Days To Come

Good morning, Kentucky! I hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far. As much as I want cool, crisp air for all of us, we are going to have to wait until the end of this week to get it because we are in for a few more toasty days to come.


The high today will reach into the high-80s and may even reach the 90° mark. Dew points will be in the low-70s and winds will be light. We do have a slight chance of thunderstorms coming up this afternoon but we are looking clear by the evening. The low will dip to the upper-60s. It may be October, but get ready for a mid-summer type day.

We can’t rule out a stray thunderstorm this afternoon. (WPC)
This was my reaction when I saw we have a few more days in the upper-80s. (giphy)


We will see very similar conditions tomorrow. Highs are expected to reach the upper-80s with dew points in the upper-60s. Winds will be light and we will have yet another thunderstorm chance during the afternoon. The sky should clear by the time the evening rolls around and the low will drop to the upper-60s.

Most of us will stay dry but there is a chance of rain during the afternoon. (Pivotal Weather)
Refusing to believe these temperatures and dew points. (giphy)


Tuesday will be similar to today and Monday but looks dry as of right now. Temperatures will reach into the upper-80s with dew points in the upper-60s once again. Precipitation chances are minimal and we will have mostly sunny skies. The low will dip to the upper-60s before rain chances return on Wednesday.

Tuesday will be dry but that approaching cold front will bring us more showers on Wednesday. (WPC)
“Hi. Can you tell the approaching cold front to hurry up? Thanks.” (giphy)

That completes today’s forecast! The cold front bringing temperature and dew point relief looks like it will be here by Thursday, so get excited! Have a great rest of your weekend and remember to follow @wxornotBG on Facebook and Twitter.