Thunderstorms And Muggy Conditions For The Entire Week

Scorching heat & humidity lead to scattered storm chances. Details in this Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Good morning, Kentucky! As a cold front moves across the state, we will have thunderstorms and muggy conditions for the entire week.

Today you can expect hot temperatures with muggy air and a thunderstorm chance during the afternoon. The high for today will be just over 90° with dew points in the low-70s. With heat index values projected to reach nearly 100° (~98°) and the air feeling very muggy because of the high dew points, I don’t expect today’s conditions to be very comfortable. In addition to that, winds will be light out of the southwest, so there won’t be much of a breeze. We won’t get much relief from our low temperature either because it will only dip to the low-70s.

Our thunderstorm chances will be greatest this afternoon. (WPC)
I’m not thrilled about these high dew points and hot temperatures today. (giphy)


Wednesday will be slightly more enjoyable than today because the high is only expected to reach the mid-80s. The dew points, however, will still be in the low-70s. The heat index will be in the low-90s but that will be better than today. Winds will be light coming in from the southwest. As for rain, we will continue to have thunderstorm chances for the entire day.

Our constant thunderstorm chances will continue all day on Wednesday. (WPC)
Thunderstorms might be a hit or miss on Wednesday, so keep up with @wxornotBG for updates. (giphy)


Thursday will bring similar conditions to what we will see on Wednesday. You can expect the high to reach into the mid-80s with dew points still in the low-70s. With high temperatures and uncomfortable dew points, the heat index will sit in the low-90s once again. Winds will be light out of the west and the skies will be partly cloudy for most of the day. Rain chances will stick around for the whole day.

More rain chances on Thursday. (WPC)
Keep an eye out for thunderstorms again on Thursday. (giphy)

That completes your Tuesday forecast! Check back tomorrow for another forecast and make sure to follow @wxornotBG for live updates in the meantime. Have a great day!