Tropical System Brings Precipitation To The Area

Remnants of Alberto will bring heavy rain/storms to the region today into Wednesday; flood watch in effect thru this time. Full breakdown in this morning's Final Finish weather update:

Posted by Landon Hampton on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Expect precipitation and muggy temperatures today followed by very similar conditions over the next two days.

Today we will receive heavy precipitation thanks to the tropical system that has made landfall in the southern United States. As that system continues to move northward, we will keep receiving more heavy rainfall. Today will top out in the low-to-mid-80s with another day of high dew points, which will result in muggy air. The low will dip down to the mid-60s. Precipitation is expected throughout the day so do not forget to grab your umbrella on your way to work this morning.

The low pressure center from the tropical system is moving closer to our area. (Pivotal Weather)
A rainy day is on the way. (giphy)


Tomorrow will be very similar to today. The high temperature for the day will reach the low-to-mid-80s while the low will only dip down to the lower-70s. It will be another day of muggy temperatures because of dew points in the 70s. Precipitation is, once again, expected throughout the day with the possibility of thunderstorms. This continued precipitation is because of that tropical system that continues to make its way northward and impact our area.

The high temperature tops out in the low-mid 80s. (Pivotal Weather)
Get ready for another rainy day. (giphy)


Rain will continue to linger over the area as that tropical system continues to influence the area. Temperatures will be similar to today and Wednesday with a high in the mid-upper-80s and a low in the low-70s. Dew points will continue to remain high around 70 degrees, which will cause us to have another muggy day. Thunderstorms cannot be ruled out on Thursday either.

It’s going to be another hot day. (Pivotal Weather)
Make sure to grab your rain jacket and umbrella. (giphy)

That’s all I have for today! Make sure to follow @wxornotBG for all of your latest weather update. Have a great day!